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  SSB Antenna that “floats” inside a Halyard

This amazing Antenna has 1.2 DB Gain compared to a perfectly installed backstay antenna (and even greater gain over most not so perfectly balanced Back stays)

Why risk altering your backstay when all you have to do is to install a RopeAntenna at fraction the price for twice the performance

No worries about touching it when using the Radio it is insulated.

Perfect for Catamarans (as they have no backstays)

The Antenna is sized to suit SSB use, rather than the length your
back stay happens to be.

The actual Antenna is insulated its whole length and “floats” inside the Halyard thereby keeping a constant length and is unaffected by mast movements.

Own one for emergency use - if your mast or antenna comes down (heaven forbid) and your backstay is gone, deploy the RopeAntenna to call for help, and be amazed (and thankful) that it works even better that your dearly departed backstay as it an be used effectively strung along the deck.



(Patent Pending*)

Highlighted in Red is a RopeAntenna installed on a Catamaran.


It is easily installed, can be left where it is, or lowered at any time.





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