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RF Grounding Plate

Specifically designed for vessels with no RF grounding


This grounding plate is designed for easy installation of a RF grounding shoe for vessels needing RF ground for single side band radios, Radar systems, and other radio systems requiring a true path to ground.

 The Ground Shoe is designed for maximum surface area to meet RF requirements, for ease of mounting and for future easy maintenance.

 The Ground Shoe only requires two 3/8 holes thru the hull and unlike other plates on the market that require 4 or 5 holes through the hull.

All hardware and materials are furnished with step by step instructions.

A Typical Installation through the hull:



Total surface area =          1220.65 cm.sq. or 480.57 sq.in.

Material grade Silicon/Bronze

Mounting material= 2 ea 6 inch bronze 3/8 rods. Includes spacers, and locking nuts.

RF Impedance = 2.7 to 12.0 ohms to saltwater from 2.2 MHz to 22.7 MHz.

Weight = 5.8 pounds.


This grounding plate is unique from any other grounding plates in the industry. There are only 2 3/8 rods (includded)  to mount the plate.

Due to the design techniques, the plate can be removed from the boat without removing the rods during haul-outs, and could also be removed underwater should it be necessary for cleaning. 

Rope Antenna, also sells 0.130 pure copper straps for equipment bonding, and antioxidant paste for your copper connects.


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