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- Rope Antenna (Specify Length) USD $185.00 ( All lengths are same cost )
- Counterpoise Ladder Line USD $85.00 (2 Lengths included each 25ft average, could very depending of antenna length.
- RF feed line, (Standard length 10 feet) Connection from antenna tuner to the base of the Rope Antenna $USD $25.00
- Grounding Plate only USD $295 plus $35 shipping domestic USA (Hardware mounting for plate sold separately)
- Grounding Plate accessories for mounting the Plate to the hull of your vessel. $38.00
- inch brade baked in lanakote for connecting tuner and radio to RF grounding source. USD $1.35 per ft.
- DC Block - for connecting from the antenna tuner to the RF grounding shoe. USD $38.00
- DC Block - connecting from radio grounding connection to the RF ground shoe. USD $23.00

The Rope Antenna parts are sold as separately because there are so many types of vessels, mono-hulls and catamarans, the configurations change dramatically. Some vessels require longer RF feed lines, different lines from their radios to the antenna tuners. Consult with Rope Antenna engineering for your best fit.

Basic shipping cost via USPS throughout the USA is $32.00 which includes insurance, and tracking.



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