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For information on Cruiseemail visit www.cruiseemail.com note two ee's

CruiseEmail provides the solution for S.S.B. (single side band) radio communications for email service to boaters private and commercial with worldwide coverage. An amateur radio license is NOT required.

CruiseEmail has operating stations in the U.S. and Caribbean Atlantic and Mediterranean, with extended service onto the North and South Pacific.
With the wide bandwidth of 2.8 kHz. and the most intensified receiving and transmitting signals with high gain antennas. With an excess of 300 frequencies, these frequency channels are chosen for different services as data, voice, JPG’s, and attachments. This channel selection provides fast access to e-mailing and completely different assigned channels for attachments and picture sending.

CruiseEmail can communicate with you via voice on the same data communication channel for technical assistance from ship to shore, or you can reach us via phone 954-815-8411 or email [email protected]. Technical assistance is always available on 24-hour basis.

In addition to email they offer direct Internet access, mail forwarding, free propagation bulletins, current weather condition, updates and offshore surface analysis.

CruiseEmail user-friendly software can easily be downloaded, from their web site www.cruiseEmail.com.



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